Okay, so I don’t have a degree in photography, I didn’t even study it in high school. I never read my camera manual and if you ask me too much about ISO my head might explode.

However, what I do know is how to take a love for photography and turn it into a successful business.

If you want to know about hyperfocal distance calculation, then I’ll send you a link to a great guy on YouTube that can explain all about it whilst you stare confused at your camera on your lap. But if instead, you want to start making money as a freelance photographer, take your composition to the next level or fall in love with film photography, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m beyond obsessed (ask anyone who knows me) with photography and business and I’m here to shatter the idea that you have to pick between being the artsy type, who creates great images but just does it for the love of it and doesn’t know how iCal works. Or you’re the business type who loves a schedule but doesn’t know the first thing about art. You can be a boss at both!