Finding Your ‘Why’

September 28, 2020

Welcome to the first post on this new blog. I wanted to start by talking about finding your why. Why is it important we know what drives us, and how do you figure this out if you’re currently a bit unsure.

Why do you take photos?

It was only whilst going through the process of this brand restructure that I first gave any thought to my why. If I’m being honest, before I would have said I take photos because people pay me to do it. Which of course is true but your why really needs to be deeper than that if you want to ensure your career has longevity.

What is ‘your why’?

Your why is the reason you shoot, the reason you put yourself through the ordeal that is being self-employed, the reason you spend all your earnings on new camera equipment and every hour finding inspiration or learning more about your gear.

Some people may know their ‘why’ straight away and if that’s you wooo, go get um. However if like me you’re struggling to pin point it exactly then see if this helps…

What is the biggest compliment a client could give you after a shoot? Is it ‘I look so beautiful in these images’, is it ‘That shoot was so much fun I didn’t want it to end’, or is it ‘The editing of these photos is perfect’. There is absolutely no right or wrong answer, but the answer is most likely linked to your ‘why’.

It can be hard to pinpoint at first, but once you’ve got hold of it, lock it down. Let it come through in your content, and in conversations you have with potential new clients. People are attracted to positive energy and want to work with a photographer that is sure of themselves and knows how they can serve you.

In times like this, when everything is so unpredictable, it is so important to know why you keep pushing forward with this chosen career path instead of doing something with more security and more guaranteed income. Once you find your ‘why’, I promise the rest starts to fall into place.

If you’re interested in my personal ‘why’, check out My Story where I chat through why I love this job. I would love to know what drives you and what makes you pick up your camera everyday.