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What are you looking for?

Whether this is your first time hiring a photographer or not, I think it’s important to know what you’re getting into to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Every photographer works in their own unique way and has their own personal approach to getting the best out of their clients. Instead of trying to describe my shoots myself, I thought I would let one of my clients do it for me...

'Alex creates a relaxed, energised environment, and her shoots are run with efficiency and professionalism. With Alex’s guidance and inspiration, we’ve captured some of my favourite shots - perfect for professional portfolios, social media or anything else! I would highly recommend working with Alex and can’t wait to do so again.'

During my years as a photographer, I have discovered the shoots I enjoy the most and the moments I love capturing. Below are the types of storytelling I specialise in, along with prices to give you an idea of your investment.



From £220

Photos aren't just about how beautifully the light catches your face or how the angles show off your cheekbones. They are the experience we shared, the fun we had and the memories we captured whilst doing it.


From £300

Engagements, anniversaries, or just because. I want to capture the real, messy, honest, beautiful, raw… stuff. I’m basically going to third wheel you guys and document your love story whilst I do.


From £1,200

Being able to beautifully capture every bit of your special day is so important to me, but more importantly, is capturing who you are and helping you tell your love story.

Frequntly Asked Questions



Do you travel for shoots?

I love to travel and getting the opportunity to shoot in new locations, I'm more than happy to travel all over the UK or overseas for your wedding or elopement.


What is there is bad weather?

I always encourage embracing whatever weather comes our way. However, if it's so bad that it would ruin our shoot (or my camera) we will reschedule.


When will I receive my final photos?

For portrait and couples shoots, please allow 5-7 days to receive your final images. For weddings, I send you a sneak peek gallery within 36 hours of your wedding date, and you will receive the full gallery within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date.


Can I get raw/ unedited photos?

No, sorry. I don’t give out unedited images because I want to maintain the highest possible quality that represents you and me at our best.


Can you photoshop me?

I could, but I'm not going to. Other than skin blemishes, bruises, acne etc (anything temporary) I don't alter the way you look. If you have something you're self-conscious about just let me know and I'll take it into consideration when posing you.